Eric Guay

Laptop Lifestyle in a Digital World

Eric Guay

Laptop Lifestyle in a Digital World

About me...

Frontenac castle Tourny fontain

I am a French Canadian who lives in the first city in North America to be founded in 1608. Quebec City.


Electronic skill
Already when I was 10 my interests were not really in sports such as baseball and judo that I had experienced. Electronics and listening to shortwave radio fascinated me more. Quickly I was editing circuits using a set for young people. I started to know Morse code. I listened to transmissions on my multi-frequency radio for several minutes.

Spying the house
As a teenager I was already quite familiar with electronic components and for fun I had installed wiretapping equipment on the telephone line and in the rest of the house using a microphone. As a young adult, I made my first radio transmitter on the FM band to emit short waves. I also made a proximity wave jammer. I had a lot of fun on other experiences as well.

Flying a plane
The influence of my father, who had held his bush pilot's license for several years, had prompted me to join the Air Cadets and in turn take training as a single-engine airplane pilot. On several occasions I accompanied my father who, once in sky, often left me the stick and supervised my little maneuvers. I really enjoyed this experience.

Radio technician
I got a summer job as a radio technician for a government company dealing with forest fires. The following year I myself went to fight forest fires during the season. It was more motivating and better paid.

Electronic technician
I had the chance to go to training as an electronics technician in a vocational school. At that time there was an economic situation that existed and there was not a lot of jobs available. So the salary offered was a horrible joke.

The Canadian armed forces seemed to me an opportunity to go to work in electronics or as a radio technician. However, the availabilities offered at that time were to enlist in the regular infantry of the 22nd Royal Regiment. I told myself that once in the system I will request an assignment in the electronics. After the second year of service in the infantry I still had no information that this would be possible. So I made the decision to leave the army to go and find my way elsewhere.

Analyst programmer technician
Immediately after released from the military, I attended High School on the Programmer Analyst-Technician program. In computing the possibilities are very vast. This time around I felt more capable of finding a job. With very good training, I first worked in computer sales. I was able to answer all customer questions. I gave computer training to people in companies. Computing was easy for me.

C.A.D. * Computer-Aided Design
After a few years, I decided to work on my own in computer services to reproduce technical drawings. I was doing technical assistance and mainly C.A.D. I obtained contracts from civil engineering firms, land surveyors and landscaping. My knowledge allowed me to make programming projects in drawing for a tool for setting up a government company of the electric network distribution service.

Fire protection services
A few years passed and I still needed a change in my life. I then took the opportunity to work in the field of public safety in fire protection. After further training, I got a job as a fire protection service technician. I did this work for about fifteen years in three different companies.

Financial security advisor
At 50, here I am again in my thoughts. I needed to surpass myself again. My experience helping the public and business caught the attention of a sales manager of one of the largest insurance and financial services firms who offered to come and work with him. I received state-of-the-art training in this area and after passing authority exams I obtained my license as a Financial Security Advisor. This allows me today to maintain a good quality of life and to always help people in the financial field with insurance and investments.

SFM : The Six Figure Mentors
In the spring of 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, I discovered new possibilities with SFM. I quickly became interested in this lifestyle. Since then I have continued this business model and continued to expand.